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Chen Group Photo Gallery!
June 2016: Farewell lunch for Tai-Yen, Justin, and Feng:

March 2016: Gathering after Ace's B-exam:

January 2016: Group Ski retreat at Greek Peak:

May 2014: Group lunch celebrating Hao's and Eric's graduation
May 2015: Group lunch bidding farewell to Lukasz.
Group holiday party, Dec 2013
June 2013, Farewell lunch for Chandra
Feb 2013, Farewell lunch for Xiaochun
 May 2012, Farewell lunch for Aaron and Kyu-Sung   
Jan 2011, Ski trip to Greek Peak  
Summer 2015
Summer 2016
Summer 2013
Summer 2014
Winter 2011
Summer 2011

Summer 2009

Summer 2010

Summer 2007

Summer 2008
July 2010
After Jaime's thesis defense After Jaime's thesis defense
After Nesha's thesis defense After Nesha's thesis defense
This is how Aaron gets excellent single-molecule results. Rupa clearly has a vision of single-molecule research.
Jaime can be so fast at the microscope! Nesha sees the light and the future.
Weilin Farewell Party, Apr 2009

Random Shots in the Lab



December, 2007: Farewell Drink for Susanta